Metal roofing available to all in the San Jose, CA area!

Once upon a time, metal roofing was only for wealthy people with fancy houses. Recently, however, it has gained in popularity and has become more and more common.

This increase in popularity has led to a decrease in the cost, making metal roofing affordable to more residents throughout San Jose, although a metal roof is still more expensive than other materials.

Westshore Roofing, Inc. can help you determine if metal roofing is the right option for you.

Here are a few important facts about metal roofing:
  • Metal roofing can be installed over your existing shingles.
  • It’s just as quiet as any other roof material.
  • Metal roofs are very slippery and become even more so when wet! That’s why they should only be installed by professional roofing experts such as the ones you’ll find at Westshore Roofing, Inc.
  • Metal roofing isn’t more lightning-prone than any other kind of roof. In fact, it is less combustible than most other roofing materials.
If a metal roof sounds like something you might want for your San Jose property, give Westshore Roofing, Inc. a call today!

We are expert installers of metal roofing and can help explain any questions you may have, so give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
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